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SKU: CMR7245

The 72MB Glue Board Series(72 in box) is available in different strengthsand with various food grade attractants to fit your needs. Our 72MBSeries traps will not harden, even after the release paper isremoved, for at least one full year when used under normalconditions.

The best adhesive formula available.

Huge catching surface – 30 sq. in.

Perforated to tear off and place glue directly againstbaseboards to secure traps and prevent drag offs.

Folds into tunnel shape for use in tight or dusty areas.

IPM chart printed on backCatchmaster glue boards arenon-poisonous mouse and insect glue traps with a peanut butterfragrance.

Great for trapping mice, fruit flies, grain moths, cockroaches,crickets and other insects.

  • How Catch Masters Work

    The Catchmaster 72MB is a non-poisonous cardboard glue trap that captures mice, roaches, and insects on contact. Catchmaster glue boards have no insecticides or rodenticides, and the 72MB has a peanut butter scent that acts as an attractant to mice. (This is a synthetic scent that contains no peanut allergens.) Glue will remain most effective in moderate temperatures, but not in direct sunlight or freezing temperatures.

    The Catchmaster 72MB will catch any insect pests and mice that cross its path. This trap can be used flat, flush with the floor, or it can be folded into a tunnel to create a dark space that is also protected from dust and debris.


    Catchmaster Glue Boards are an excellent choice for the capture of mice, rats, and other small rodents and insects in the home. With no poisons, rodenticides, or pesticides, these glue boards use a special adhesive type of glue scented with peanut butter to stop rodents in their tracks. When it comes to pest glue boards, Catchmaster has been called “the Duracell of Glues” as compared to competitors’ glues that can become hard and rubbery after 30 to 90 days. The glue in Catchmaster glue traps is effective for at least one year and is not toxic to people or pets. They also contain no oil like other glue board products, as oil mixes with the body chemistry of the rodent allowing for escape. The low profile of these glue boards allows for easy placement of traps. Use the 72MB flat, or fold into a tunnel shape to protect from dust.

    Glue boards may be used as a stand alone treatment measure for rodents or as an additional tool to baiting. If you know the rodents’ running paths, place a Catchmaster Glue Board wherever rodents have been seen to travel, ideally close to the wall in places not readily accessible to pets and children. If by chance a pet or non-targeted animal gets stuck to the glue trap, household vegetable oil may be applied for painless release.

    Be aware that insects and mice trapped on a glue board may still be alive when you find them. If this is a concern, consider using snap traps or multi-catch traps. Be sure to place glue boards out of reach of children and pets. Catchmaster 72MB Glue Boards are easier to use than snap traps, inexpensive, and disposable.

    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: No insecticide/rodenticide active ingredient, only glue and peanut butter scent


    Use Catchmaster 72MB Mouse/Insect Glue Boards where insect pests or mice have been seen or are likely to be found. Place glue boards flush against walls, in corners, or in other areas pests are likely to travel. In dusty areas, fold the glue board into a tunnel shape to protect from dust and debris. This tunnel shape is also helpful for catching mice in areas with less shelter. Discard in the trash after use.

    *If folding over a drain (such as for drain flies) or into a box shape, make creases before peeling off protective plastic sheet for easier manipulation of the cardboard. Use the included tab and slot closure to secure box shape.

    *Always use and store out of reach of children and pets. Vegetable or mineral oil can be used to dissolve glue, if needed.


    Place traps for mice every 6-10 feet. For insects, place wherever activity is suspected or seen


    • Store out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight; boards are not weatherproof.
    • Use out of reach of children and pets or in pest monitors.
    • Vegetable oil will dissolve glue if needed (e.g., if stuck to a pet).
    • When folding at an angle over drains or into a box, fold creases before removing plastic film.
    • Glue boards are helpful for pests difficult to kill with insecticides, such as spiders and crickets.
    • This glue board is too small for rats. Use rat glue traps for rats.
    • A small piece of food or attractant such as Provoke Mouse Attractant can be placed in the center of the glue board to attract mice. Do not use peanut butter or other oily food items as the oil may coat glue and render the boards ineffective.
    • Use thumbtacks, nails, or staples to holds traps in place on small ledges, in vertical positions, or in other areas where boards may be easily dislocated.
    • When monitoring insects, use a permanent marker to indicate pests already counted, then continue to use board until full.
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